JAC Productions is a business owned and operated by Jamie and Annette Condon based in Narrabri in Northwest NSW, Australia. We are passionate about capturing amazing imagery of our environment, its people and interesting wild life. These images are captured and showcased with both professional still photography and video equipment.
Born and bred in the small Australian town of Narrabri in the North West slopes and plains, Jamie Condon has grown up in some of the most picturesque country in this part of the world. The North West is all about diversity from the vast black soil plains to rugged mountains and gorge country escarpments. Jamie's love for all things in the natural world started at a young age, spending lots of time experiencing the Australian wilderness in search of adventure and excitement. Camping, hunting and fishing took Jamie all over the country in search of the amazing landscapes and animals that makes up the amazing land of Oz. The urge to capture the moment led to the life long addiction to his passion of photography and film making. These days it is more about the getting the shot, the composition and the raw imagery than participating in the action. Always learning and always searching for the next challenge whilst taking the time to stop and smell the roses...and maybe grab a couple of macro shots of the aphids whist he is there. Inspired by his beautiful wife and children photography is more than a hobby, it is an obsession and a way of life that Jamie is truly honoured to be part of. Jamie is a CASA certified pilot for aerial UAV/RPAS/Drone operations and this is becoming a large part of the business allowing shots and angles that could only be dreamed about a few years ago.

Another important member of the JAC Productions Team is good friend Josh Smith who has been an integral part of the Film Making side of the business for many years. Josh and Jamie have produced many and varied productions but are best known for their Adventure fishing movies Fishing the Gorges, The Magic Hour and Fishing the Cape further details on this joint venture can be seen at www.joshandjamiefishing.com.au